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USA-based YeTI Photovoltaic helps provide solar-powered water pumps to micro-farmers @ Nepal.  Founded by Jake Drysdale and Douglas B Drysdale, YeTI Photovoltaic proposed and is seed-funding Nepal's first-ever, self-sustaining Solar Water Pump Fund in partnership with Kathmandu-based Gham Power.  


Nepal has more than 10,000 micro-farmers, many of whom rely upon a few months of monsoon rains to irrigate their crops.  With solar water pumps paid for by our Solar Water Pump Fund, micro-farmers can pump groundwater to irrigate their crops throughout the year -- increasing crop yields, production, and income.  


With increased income, recipient micro-farmers can repay the cost of their solar water pumps in 36 months with repayments fully deployed by our Solar Water Pump Fund for the sole purpose of providing MORE solar water pumps to MORE micro-farmers @ Nepal.

Seed-Funded in part by Jake Drysdale's charitable donation of money earned working as a student researcher in the solar nanotechnology lab of Prashant Kamat @ University of Notre Dame following Jake's work @ Gham Power's Kathmandu HQ in 2019, our Solar Water Pump Fund is designed to create a growing, continuous, and self-sustaining source of funds for solar water pumps for micro-farmers @ Nepal. 

Learn more about Gham Power and how solar water pumps help micro-farmers @ Nepal here and here


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