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USA-based YeTI Photovoltaic helps provide solar-powered water pumps to micro-farmers @ Nepal.  Founded by Jake Drysdale and Douglas B Drysdale, YeTI Photovoltaic proposed and is seed-funding Nepal's first-ever, self-sustaining Solar Water Pump Fund in partnership with Kathmandu-based Gham Power.  


Nepal has more than 10,000 micro-farmers, many of whom rely upon a few months of monsoon rains to irrigate their crops.  With solar water pumps paid for by our Solar Water Pump Fund, however, micro-farmers can increase revenue by pumping groundwater all year to irrigate crops and increase production.


With increased income, recipient micro-farmers PAY FORWARD — instead of payback — the cost of their pumps into our Solar Water Pump Fund in approximately 36 months for the sole purpose of providing MORE solar water pumps to MORE micro-farmers @ Nepal.

Seed-Funded in part by Jake Drysdale’s donation of money earned working in the solar nanotechnology lab of Prashant Kamat @ Notre Dame following Jake’s volunteer consulting @ Gham Power’s Kathmandu HQ in 2019, our Solar Water Pump Fund is designed to create a growing, continuous, and self-sustaining source of funds for solar water pumps for micro-farmers @ Nepal.

Learn more about Gham Power and how solar water pumps help micro-farmers @ Nepal here and here


Parsa, Nepal

Bara, Nepal

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